MEN OF WAR - 1994

MEN OF WAR - 1994


Director: Perry Lang
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Charlotte Lewis, B.D. Wong, Tim Guinee, Catherine Bell, Trevor Goddard, Kevin Tighe.

Shot in Thailand at a beautiful location in Krabi, which is the place they later shot The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. At the time we where there, it was quite undeveloped, we had lots of good times in those small beach restaurants, and going swimming in the Gulf after work.

The military advisor was an old American Special Forces officer, who managed to get all of our guns into Thailand, because there was a civil war going on in that particular province. I guess they had to bribe the Police Chief or something like that, to allow these weapons onto the movie set.

On this picture I was working with a lot of natives. It seems to work having a tall blond guy next to people of different race and ethnic background, there seem to be some visual charm in that set up.

We had a very good cast of actors; it was an excellent script by John Sayles, who was an Academy Award winning writer / director. The director Perry Lang used to be an actor, so he was easy to work with for the dramatic parts.

Of all my movies, this is one of my best experiences and the movie turned out pretty good too.