Director: Dolph Lundgren
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Jerry Springer, Shakara Leddard, Thomas Lockyer, Caroline Lee Johnson.

This picture was supposed to be directed by Sidney Furie. Unfortunately, he got sick and the producers asked me to direct. I thought about it, spoke to my wife and said yes. What followed was two months of incredibly hard work a seemingly endless list of problems and little or no sleep. In Romania. It was a handful but I loved it.

I also starred in the picture. I play a body guard to the President's National Security Advisor. (The President of the United States is played by Jerry Springer. He did a great job.) My boss is going to a peace conference in Bucharest, Romania. That's what I'm told. It turns out she's going to a secret meeting in an old hotel outside the city. Nobody, me included, knows whom she's seeing. To make things worse, she and her guest disappear. We come under attack. Some of my men are killed. My team and I have to find her and get to the bottom of a worldwide political conspiracy.

In other words, non-stop action and suspense.